3 Rings

Marketing System

tes® 3 is a combination of systems built on Ring Marketing and Sales structuring.

Considering the marketing history, the marketing strategies born individually reflect the requirements of the time.
The emerging marketing tactic has caused to look at product + market + money indices from different angles, and vice versa,
new marketing strategies have been created by looking at these indices from different angles.

While the emerging strategies can sometimes be very effective alone, some strategies are used to support another strategy.
The rapid communication in our time has forced these marketing tactics to be used together.
It is not meant to use one or two together or one for the other. It made it compulsory to use all of the marketing formations together.
It is clear that marketing itself is a huge cost. Imagine adding all the marketing methods to it.

We have developed such a marketing system that "minimum cost, maximum efficiency" is an exact phrase.

3 Ring Marketing System

Although it seems to consist of three rings, in fact, a multi-layered system works in every ring.

Three-ring marketing technique consisting of five parts is Product → Space → Advertising → Relationships → Online combination.

Product: Product or semi-finished product to be sold.
Venue: Promotion area or Trade Bases where the product is constantly felt at the points selected in the countries and promoted
Advertisement: Visual and audio media tools that are not out of sight but used to settle in hearts.
Relationships: Networks that supply the institutions and organizations that need to buy products in every country, mobile marketers
Online: Online multilingual B2B sales channels to support the marketing made based on the relationship between the visual and audio media and the formation of the products reaching the Trade Base, and to reach more people and do their own marketing.

To summarize, the product that comes is the first ring

1- As soon as it is released on Trade
2- It is taken to the evaluation of potential buyers with the network.
3- To increase the availability of many languages simultaneously with Online B2B.

In fact, this situation is like a drop of water.
Drop = product
Multiplication and Dispersion = Advertising
Ring 1 = Commercial Bases
Ring 2 = Network Network
Ring 3 = Online B2B

 If you want your product to be a drop in 3 rings Sales Marketing Technique developed by tes®, let's see.