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Why Digital Fair?

Digital Fairs

We set up Digital Fairs to go to a country for a holiday. You set up your booth in the fair area and started waiting for your customers.
It is a well-known fact that the maximum number of interviews made during the day is 5.
This means 20 meetings at the 4-day fair. Doubtful that you will get a return.

In addition, there are stand rentals, hotel costs, personnel costs and transportations.
Also consider the costs of this for those coming from abroad to find your stand.
Perhaps the most useful stand in that chaos is yours, but it will have to bypass you from time and fatigue and even the busyness of your staff.
There are also potential customers who cannot find time for the fair.

Instead, we have made it our main goal to get you to meet more people in this 4 or 5 day period.

We have combined the Network Network that we obtained after 10 years of work with the Digital Fair.  Our local country chefs send invitations to all chambers of commerce, related associations, industries and businesses in their own country before our fairs start, ensuring that they come to Digital Fairs simultaneously with you.

 You will make a one-click connection to the video conference with your customers who will meet with you.

Since you have the opportunity to have more staff online, consider the number of interviews and data you will receive.
Then, as your products will continue to be published in the Digital Fair throughout the year, you will be able to reach even more people.

That's why Digital Fair Organization is important.

Real Fair Atmosphere

Digital Fair Features

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Real Fair Atmosphere

Virtual fairs, which bring the air of the physical fairgrounds to digital environment, enable both exhibitors and visitors to have a real fair experience.
More than the arrangements you can make in the classical fair areas are experienced on the online platform.


Our useful fairs, which can be reached via computer, tablet or phone, can be managed and visited simply via the internet.
Our virtual fairs can easily bring target audiences online.

Modern Technology

Not only do we combine the classic fair system with modern technology, we have added our Network Network and we continue to improve ourselves,
ensuring that you get real results from the virtual fairs carried to the digital world.

Live Chat & Video

Your staff can manage the stand and interact with the visitors at the stands that allow you to meet with the visitors live.
Video and written interviews in digital media, then you can review your video and written interviews.
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uluslararasi-satis-agi tes®

High Visitor Capacity

Thanks to the strong infrastructure of our system, the visitor capacity, which is limited in classical fairs, is eliminated in virtual fairs.
Our system can serve 500,000 concurrent visitors at the same time without the need for any development or intervention.

Sponsorship and Advertising Areas

Various areas, such as screen dressing, pop ups, billboards, sailing flags, bus dressings, which can be developed according to your preferences,
can be offered to both the fair and outside the fair to market their products and services.

Low Cost and High Access

You get rid of high cost expenses such as accommodation, transportation brought by physical fairs. On the online platform,
you can connect to any part of the country or the world over the internet and expand your access. With the costs you reduce,
you can also focus on increasing your return on investment.

Detailed Statistics and Reports

Statistics such as the number of visitors attending the fair, demographic information,
stand visit information at the end of the fair are reported to the owner and exhibitor institutions and the results obtained are poured into the data.
While these reports provide details about the visitors, they shed light on the next steps of the companies.
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