International Management Network

We have developed such a marketing system that "minimum cost, maximum efficiency" is an exact phrase. Our local chiefs in 29 countries and more than 1200 sales and marketing personnel affiliated to them are one of the 3 pillars of this 3Public Marketing System and constitute the main source of our power.
We are a large, professional and target-oriented huge and strong family. We look forward to welcoming you.

<center>Muhammed el-Fetlavi</center>
Muhammed el-Fetlavi
Southern Iraq Manager
<center>Temirlang Hromoy</center>
Temirlang Hromoy
China Manager
<center>Mir Celal Nesirov</center>
Mir Celal Nesirov
Azerbaijan Manager
<center>Halil Sadullah</center>
Halil Sadullah
Bulgaria Manager
<center>Lengane Adama</center>
Lengane Adama
Burkina Faso Manager
<center>Prof. Dr. Kamiljan Kalandarov</center>
Prof. Dr. Kamiljan Kalandarov
Russia Manager
<center>Özgür Canpolat</center>
Özgür Canpolat
Germany Manager
<center>Naser Sandy</center>
Naser Sandy
Northern Iraq Manager
<center>Seyid Ali Bafaki</center>
Seyid Ali Bafaki
Indonesia Manager
<center>Vasram Danish Hussein</center>
Vasram Danish Hussein
France Manager
<center>Mamedov Ramis Ibragimovich</center>
Mamedov Ramis Ibragimovich
Dagestan Manager
<center>Faiz Rizvi</center>
Faiz Rizvi
India Manager
<center>Saeed Elchan</center>
Saeed Elchan
Thailand Manager
<center>Seyit Alemi</center>
Seyit Alemi
Canada Manager
<center>Nabil Ahmed</center>
Nabil Ahmed
UK Manager
<center>Marzieh Rahnama</center>
Marzieh Rahnama
Iran Manager
<center>Yasir Landy</center>
Yasir Landy
Madagascar Manager
<center>Abdoul Kamil Abbass</center>
Abdoul Kamil Abbass
Cameroon Manager
<center>Rozikov Asroriddin</center>
Rozikov Asroriddin
Tajikistan Manager
<center>Ali Asker Nazarov</center>
Ali Asker Nazarov
Kazakhstan Manager
<center>Abdul Mecid</center>
Abdul Mecid
Kyrgyzstan Manager
<center>Muhammed Mehdi</center>
Muhammed Mehdi
Kuwait Manager
<center>İsmail Kane</center>
İsmail Kane
Mali Manager
<center>Irman Mannaungi</center>
Irman Mannaungi
Malaysia Manager
<center>Prof. Martín Humberto Portillo Contreras</center>
Prof. Martín Humberto Portillo Contreras
Peru Manager
<center>Eslam Abo Elmajd</center>
Eslam Abo Elmajd
Egypt Manager
<center>Ansagan Amantai</center>
Ansagan Amantai
Mongolia Manager
<center>Muhammed Harun Sanusi</center>
Muhammed Harun Sanusi
Nigeria Manager
<center>Syed Babar Hussain Kazmi</center>
Syed Babar Hussain Kazmi
Pakistan Manager
<center>Dr. Salim Saeed Al Rajahi</center>
Dr. Salim Saeed Al Rajahi
Tanzania Manager