Sales Operations Management

Sales Support

tes® is aware of the start of sales, a tough operation after marketing.  This risky process needs to be passed to finish the sale.  tes® offers you some developed systems to eliminate worries and risks and provide a safe environment between the manufacturer and the customer.
  1. 100% Collection Guarantee,
  2. Accurate Logistics and
  3. By doing your professional customs procedures meticulously;  We provide the environment for you and your customers to trade safely.
Collection and payment is a troublesome process for both buyer and seller.  Buyer "Will I send my product?"  "Will he send my money?"  has to struggle with a question like.  These questions sometimes prevent sales.  With the tes® 100% Collection Guarantee, this process ensures a smooth and safe transition.

Progressing with processes such as payment and contract, logistics or shipping with its real name will not remove any errors.  Simple mistakes can sometimes lead to costs over the value of goods.  tes® protects you against logistics errors with its Error Free Logistics service.

Customs is actually a document management and approval process.  In order to eliminate the barriers that may arise from sales, tes® aims to eliminate the problems that may arise in the process with Professional Customs Operations.

The result of the sale without any problems is the main task for tes®.  Because every resultant sale is a plus to the reference digit.  Apart from the mandatory payments known as the bank, transportation costs and customs expenses, tes® supports and serves you free of charge in these processes.  No commission is required for mandatory payments.