What does tes® do?

Buy your tes® Products Abroad Provides Your Supply Abroad

In the simplest way tes® takes your samples and delivers them to sales chiefs in your target countries abroad and finds you customers.
It enables you to benefit from all the supports and incentives by making 4 of every 5 exports to be made.

our philosophy

Our Core Values

- To explain to you valuable producers that our work is not a luxury but a need,
- To present your products to customers in a broad and integrated structure in economic conditions and to spread brand awareness,
- To support the development of new information and applications related to the marketed product.

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Öz değerlerimiz tes®
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Our Future Belief

business is among the preferred companies in the international market in the medium and long term for increasing our country's sustainable exports; Within the framework of the export-based development strategy, we will comply with three basic rules to ensure that your
  1. Where will we play the game?
  2. Who will we target?
  3.  How do we penetrate?
Sustainable Export

 We will act strategically and implement a repetitive process, not sequentially.

5G in export

 Powerful Turkey, a strong economy, strong exports, strong human resources and strong infrastructure.

Why tes®?

What makes us important?

Our most prominent feature that makes us important and highlight is the success we have achieved in the system of the future by combining both
traditional and innovative, tactics and methods with technology in sales and marketing.

 We offer the indispensable future.